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Speed of Sound 2016 Festival Review

August 16, 2016

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Name: Speed of Sound
Location: Dutchess County Airport – Wappingers Falls, NY
Dates: August 7, 2016

Lineup: This years lineup featured Nicole Atkins, Swear and Shake, Fiction of the future, Rayland Baxter, Simone
Felice and the headliners The Lumineers. To be honest, I decided I was going to this festival very last minute.
By last minute I mean I got an Air bnb at about 3PM, bought a ticket, packed my bag and headed out. Due to traffic
and lack of transportation in Wappingers Falls I caught the end of Simone Felice’s set and all of The Lumineers.

Crowd: What can I say? An excellent vibe was brought to Speed of Sound by the crowd that attended. The first people
I talked to were from a town in New York about 45 minutes away. We bonded over the excesively long beer line which was gladly broken up by a golf cart stacked with 30 packs. Can’t complain when you are drinking a beer
while waiting in line for beer. (Thanks, Ryan!)


Security: Normal check bags and a pat down. Nothing crazy here.

Green: No plastic. No plastic water bottles, no plastic cups, no beer cans and no waste. I love the intiative that
Speed of Sound took this year to reduce the festival waste. If you have ever seen festival and camping grounds after
the festival has ended, you will know why this is such a good thing. By not using plastic, 11,300 plastic water bottles
and 8,500 plastic beer cups were not used. Instead of plastic the festival sold aluminum beer cups which were $10 for the first fill and then around $6 to refill depending on which beer you fancy. For water, you could either bring in your (empty) reusable water bottle or purchase one from the festival. A big round of applause for the green initiative!

The Music: Simone Felice sounded excellent from the beer line. After his set there was about a 30 minute wait until The Lumineers came on. Let me tell you, it was worth the hassle I had of getting to the festival to listen to The Lumineers. They opened with a track from their new album Cleopatra called Sleep On The Floor. Definitely one of the top songs on the album. To my surprise they came next with the popular song you may have heard on the radio, Ophelia. The crowd roared out with lead singer Wesley Schultz singing with him “Oh, Ophelia you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood.”They kept the crowd going with hits such as their title song from the new album, Cleopatra as well as songs from their first self titled album that included, Flowers in your hair, Dead Sea, Big Parade, Submarines and Charlie Boy. Next up was a surprise when the band accompanied by Simone Felice walked out to a smaller stage in the middle of the crowd and performed their a track from the deluxe edition of Cleopatra called Where The Skies Are Blue. Half the crowd rushed towards that stage while I took the opportunity to get closer to the main stage they were going to walk back to right after the song was over. Before the final song they played a few more from Cleopatra which included my personal favorite, Angela. I wish I could pinpoint what is so special about this song but I can’t, it just feels right. The Lumineers ended with their most popular song, Stubborn Love. The crowd really got into this one as if they thought the louder they sang, the longer they were going to play. I agreed, I didn’t want it to end. The Lumineers capture emotions through song so beautifully that it leaves you knowing that there is something very special about them. I am so grateful to have been able to see them spread that beauty with their music.