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Mysteryland 2016 Review

June 14, 2016

Name: Mysteryland US
Location: Bethel Woods, NY
Dates: June 10 – 13, 2016

Lineup: This years lineup inlcuded a range of electronic artists with Odesza, Skrillex and Bassnectar
headlining the 3 day festival. And then there was Young Thug – to be mentioned later in the article.

Stages: There were 5 stages all together which included a boat, tent, main stage and two smaller stages. The sound
engineers did an excellent job setting up the stages so that there was no cross interference of music between them.
It may have also helped that the main stage was basically at the bottom of a basin. This actually helped to create
what I would call an ampitheatre feel.

Crowd: Before the 2016 festival, Mysteryland announced that they were changing to 19+ but keeping the 21+ holy grounds camping. This didn’t really seem to effect the festival at all, or at least in my experience. There was an overwhleming sense of Nomads being able to express their truest self, the feeling that festivals are known to bring about. Walking around the venue you could actually feel the atmosphere of acceptance being surrounded by total strangers and the idea that people were free to be who and what they wanted. This is one of the many perks of Mysteryland. Escape to a land where you can free your inner being.

Security: I heard mixed reviews on the security. On Saturday I walked right in without anyone checking my bag or
patting me down. Other nomads said that they had their bags searched and a nice pat down when entering the festival. Either way, nothing over the top.

Food: I had a burger on Saturday. Nothing in particular stuck out about it besides its price tag but whats new.

Landers Campground: We camped out at Landers Campground about 25 minutes down the road from the festival grounds and let me tell you, I think it was definitely a good choice. With the exception of a few employees, everyone that was there was super nice. We had a beautiful spot right on the river which unfortunately, we never got to jump into. They hadplenty of shuttles running through out the day and the last shuttle back to the campgrounds left the venue 1 hour after the last set ended. Hats of to Landers for giving Nomads a great place to stay over the weekend.

The Music: The always solid Floozies started our day off right getting the juices flowing on the main stage. Switching it up a bit, Black Tiger Sex Machine brought the bass during the sunset on the Boat stage which the crowd seemed to really get into. I had never seen them before and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The. Chainsmokers. Yes, you all know them from the song that blew them up, #SELFIE but they are so far past that and really just taking the scene by storm. They threw down with their new songs Roses and Dont Let Me Down and even mixed in some Third Eye Blind. The energy they put into their sets can be felt through out the entire crowd. I would say they are a must see at this point.

Now, maybe I was just confused by Young Thugs performance (if you can even call it that) and everyone else thought it was normal but I don’t see how that is possible. My best guess would say that he was on stage for about 9 minutes. He “sang” a couple songs that were not even his and then just appeared to leave. Young Thug, what’s up with that dude? Not that I’m complaining. As a matter a fact I was stoked about it. Skrillex came on earlier and played until his scheduled set was over.

*Discloure* First time seeing Skrillex. I have been waiting to see him for years now and was so pumped to finally have the opportunity. It was everything I was expecting and hoping for. I’m talking every bass hitting drop made me loose it. I didn’t stop dancing the entire time he was on. The screen behind him was a live feed view of his back and the entire crowd. I had never seen that before and thought that was dope to see what was happening from a different view. His set left me feeling like I could go for many more hours. I wanted more but unfortunately that was the last scheduled set of the night.



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