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May 21, 2016

Who wouldn’t want to go to a handful of a different music festivals through out the spring and summer to take photos and write about their experience? I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty great to me.

I’m sitting here on the train heading to work attempting to pin point the very first time I thought of starting a venture such as this. There is one documentary that I recall watching called “No Cameras Allowed” about a young kid that snuck into over 50 music festivals. I remember one time he sat in a port-o-potty for an unreal amount of time in order to deter detection. Anyways, I am going to say this is what got me started on this whole idea. (PS go check out the documentary, its pretty cool and obviously a bit inspiring)

A few months ago something in me rekindled the same desire I felt after watching that documentary. Festival
season was quickly approaching. I had to buy a new car and move into a new apartment closer to work. That didn’t leave
much room for festival money. As we all know, they aren’t cheap. So, I started thinking of ways to get in for free.
I could try to sneak in like the kid in the documentary. That was pretty risky and driving all the way to festival just
to get kicked out didn’t sound great to me. DING DING DING. Take pictures, write about the festival, START A BLOG.

Well, I didn’t have a blog…or a camera….or ever write a blog article, but how could I let that get in the way of
going to all the festivals I wanted to go to? So, I emailed about 10 festivals asking for press credentials. At this point
you are probably thinking to yourself, how is he going to trick ANYONE into thinking he should have any reason to get
press credentials into these festivals? Don’t worry I was thinking the same exact thing. I bought the domain name but had no other internet presence. Most people that got back to me asked how they could get to the blog because, well, they  couldn’t find it. Shocker.

After some denials and one hopeful lead, I thought to myself, why don’t I just actually do this!? I have experience in the
web development industry and was actually just talking to a friend about a new venture in that industry. I am actually going to make a blog and maybe it will work!

So, without hestitation I made this website and started a blog. New England Music Festivals. (How that domain name was available is still a bit shocking to me)

For now, I am going to make it to as many festivals as I can and write about them. Take photos when I can and write about my experience. I want to share with you the culture, vibes and experience each festival distills in me. You can take this information how you see fit and maybe it will help you out in deciding what New England Music Festival you want to attend.




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